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Eighty Seven Park

Miami Beach, FL

Renzo Piano is arguably one of the world's most-famous modern day architects. His buildings include the London Shard, the New York Times building and Japan's Kansai Airport. Renzo's next great project is in Miami Beach, called Eighty Seven Park.

Eighty Seven Park is an uber-luxurious masterpiece tower with only 70 residences on 18 stories. With the park to the South (creating the illusion of an extended garden which never ends), the Ocean to the East and everything in between, the building's impressive design and amenities are matched only by its outstanding location. Parking is being built underground, which allows the condo to have an expansive and rich landscape for residents. Residences in two-to-four-bedroom homes ranging in size from 1,020 sqft to 4.140 sqft.

Developed by 

Terra Group





Architecture by 

Renzo Piano



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